Yay for Shoujo Manga + New Micro-Anime Series

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve checked in here, hasn’t it? But it’s been a pretty busy month and a half. All of July was basically devoted to Madoka Magica, and wow, was that deadline schedule brutal. @_@ It wasn’t that it was an overly talky series (though there were some really powerful and beautiful monologues that made certain episodes a bit dialogue-heavy), but more the extra time and multiple rewatches/rechecks I did to make sure the dialogue flowed/conveyed the right personality and emotions/was ACCURATE, etc, that took so much time. I definitely don’t want to incite the wrath of Madoka’s many passionate fans (and wow, is this fandom phenomenon just exploding or what? 😀 Found some breathtaking covers of the series’s beautiful Yuki Kajiura score–check out this dynamic piano version of the ending theme, “MAGIA,” on youtube). More importantly, I didn’t want to fail to do such a fantastic, well-written series justice in translation, and aside from a few lines being a bit on the long side, I’m pretty, darn happy with my work for this one. 🙂

So, with Madoka wrapped in the last week of July, I thought I’d take a little breather, recover some of the abundant sleep I lost Madoka no tame ni, and maybe get some reading and writing in. But I got an offer from my translator friend Sam to pick up a few episodes of a cute commercial anime that he was working on, and took those on for about a week, then realized I was too burned out to do more. I needed a break.

And of course, that was when Bang Zoom! offered me another series. XD

Naturally, no amount of exhaustion could put a damper on getting that all-important second job from a new client. It’s kind of at that point that you can feel you’ve established a business relationship with a new client/that they’ve seen your work, liked it enough to want to go on with you, and now you’re a part of their go-to list for more work. So I happily (if with deep bags beneath my eyes) accepted.

Luckily, this one was a micro-anime series (i.e. a series where each ep is only 2-to-5 minutes long, a la Hetalia) and since the license for this series hasn’t been announced (as far as I can see), I’ll avoid mentioning the name here. But yes–that’s what I’ve been working on these past two weeks. Almost done now (there’s only 13 eps in the series), and then, for the last two weeks of August, it’s going to be Ouran volume 18 (the final one! Exciting~ Also, extra-long page count… =_=; ) during every free evening and weekend moment.

So. That will basically bring me to the end of the jobs I’ve got concretely lined up. Which is actually a good thing because I’ve got big plans for my free moments in September: the Kurodahan Press Annual Translation Contest. XD Just the opportunity I’ve been hoping for–a way to break into fiction-translation on top of manga and anime translation. The point of the contest is to search for new talent, so I’ve got as good a chance as anyone with a translation degree or JLPT 1 creds. The deadline is the end of September, and since I won’t get a chance to even start the short story translation for the contest until I finish Ouran at the end of August, I’m going to need every free moment I can get. Especially since September has several social obligations/festivities that I will absolutely be unable to wriggle out of (where’s my isolated hermit cave when I need it?), I’m hoping the jobs will ebb a bit (but not permanently, of course!) because if a client offers, I just can’t seem to say “no.” ^^;;;; #FreelancerInsecurities

Oh! That’s right–the reason I was posting today (and the reason the post title mentions “Shoujo Manga”) is because ICv2 has posted its Top 10 Shoujo Manga Properties of 2011 (First Half) list, and 2 of my series are on there! 😀

Top 10 Shojo Properties – Q1 & Q2 2011
Rank Title Publisher
1 Vampire Knight Viz Media
2 Black Bird Viz Media
3 Alice in the Country of Hearts Tokyopop
4 Fruits Basket Tokyopop
5 Dendeki Daisy Viz Media
6 Ouran High School Host Club Viz Media
7 Shugo Chara Del Rey Manga
8 Ottomen Viz Media
9 Maid Sama! Tokyopop
10 Kamisama Kiss Viz Media

Ouran High School Host Club at #6, and Maid Sama! (I’m so proud of you, Misaki!) at #9. 🙂 Ouran is a staple on the list, but I’m really proud of Maid Sama!, featuring such a tough, smart, non-lovesick female protagonist and apparently striking quite a chord with the American audience. I’m sure the maid outfits and rocky love story are mostly responsible for this, but I like to think my snappy translation of the first 5 volumes of the manga helped win over a few of the doubters/on-the-fencers, at least. 🙂 Since Maid Sama! was my very first professional translation job, it always holds a special spot in my heart. ^^

Well, that’s about everything I’ve been up to lately. A few fun writing-related things are on the horizon, but I’ll save that for another post. Eventually, I should probably put up a “how I got started” post in case aspiring translators have stumbled upon my blog and want all the down and dirty in’s and out’s. 😉 After 3.5 years of this, I’ve got at least a few things young’uns might find useful. 🙂

Oh, but I’ll leave you for now with the #1 tip I’ve learned from all my experience translating…

Never make a contract with this guy:  /人 ◕ ‿‿ ◕ 人\

-Su 🙂



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