AX Prep & Some Good News~

And no, not the kind of “good news” those cheerful folks with the pamphlets are advertising door-to-door. 😉

It’s happened at last–I am now officially an anime translator! (that is, in addition to being a manga translator already ^^; ) A contact I made at Anime Expo last year referred me to the folks at Bang Zoom! Entertainment, who e-mailed me about 2 weeks ago to ask how my schedule was for some potential freelance work. I actually did have jobs lined up until about mid-August (SaiMono 6 & 7, followed by Ouran 18–thank you, VIZ~!), but I told them I’d try to shuffle my work schedule around a bit to accomodate them, and lo and behold–got my first 12-episode series! XD

The series hasn’t been announced as licensed yet (and anyway, I signed an NDA about it ^^; ) so I can’t say what it is, but it’s a fun one with some gorgeous animation from Aniplex. I wasn’t familiar with it myself beforehand, but a good friend whose opinion I trust had recommended it heartily a few months back, so I’m definitely excited to get started!

That said, this does rain on my little Anime Expo mini-vacation plan a bit. I’d cleared my schedule and taken a few extra days off work (the nine-to-six one) to just unwind and enjoy the weekend for once, but I’m thinking I’ll have to cancel my plans to check out AM2 Con in Anaheim on Sunday. Too bad, since I was looking forward to seeing that sneak peek of Gackt’s Hollywood debut movie, BUNRAKU (co-starring Josh Hartnett, Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson. Not too shabby a cast for G’s first time out on the big screen, huh? ^^ Check out this heart-stoppingly cool teaser trailer highlighting Gackt’s role in BUNRAKU). But oh well–this chance to expand into the world of anime translation is definitely more important. I seriously couldn’t stop beaming like an idiot the entire day after they sent their offer. ^^

So that’s it for now. I’ve got some photos from this awesome book event called “YA in Bloom” I went to last Saturday (where I got to meet the fabulous Marie Lu in person and hang out with her for quite a chunk of the afternoon~). Full report to come later!



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