First Post – Happy Summer Solstice!

Well, a fine day for a new beginning, eh?

Wait… no, actually, it would have made a lot more sense to have a “new beginning” on the Spring Equinox or something. But hey, since it just happens to be the Summer Solstice today, let’s just say I planned it that way! After all, after today, the hours of night are only going to grow longer for the rest of 2011, and that dreamy “Magic Hour” of nightfall will be going on all night long up in the Arctic Circle tonight. (Cuz, y’know, that’s totally relevant to a California girl like me. XP)

Okay, seriously now–as the little blurb off to the right somewhere says, my main interests lie along the writerly and Japan-related, so I’ll probably mostly be posting up fun things I find around the ‘net that fall into one of those categories. Plus some original stuff, of course, if I can think of anything folks might find interesting (random song lyric translations, maybe? Book reviews? Nostalgia from past trips to Japan?). Eventually, if I find the time to start drawing again, I’ll also post up a few original comics and doodles as well. #fouryearartdrought …Yeah, it may not be pretty. ^^;

Anyway, I’d better scuttle off and finish up a bit more housekeeping around here. So fellow Japanophiles, aspiring novelists, actual novelists (awesome, and welcome!) and cool visitor-folk in general–douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu!  (Translation: Like, don’t flame me, ‘kay? Lol, kidding!)

-Su 🙂


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